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90 second post time

  • Kristina


    When users are posting topics or replies in our private forums it’s taking upwards of 90 seconds before finishing. This tells me that it is sending the data to the server to update the database the forum resides in. The server is for some reason very slow in returning a response to tell the POST function that it can end, and that the next functions to be called can begin. I’ve found is that it is the POST function (ie, posting a post to in our forum) that is taking the amount of time.

    How do we fix this? Is it something that will need to come with a bbpress future update? Am I the only one having trouble within our forums doing this? Is there an additional plugin that I need to use? I’m currently using: bbPress Genesis Extend, bbPress Notifications, bbPress Stay Checked, bbP Members Only. Thank you

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  • Robin W


    I’d check to see if two plugins are conflicting or theme issue, or if it is server related.

    Check other plugins

    Check that no other plugins are affecting this.

    Turn off all other plugins apart from bbpress, and see if that fixes the problem. If the problem is resolved, add back one at a time to see which is causing the conflict.

    Check themes

    If plugins are not the cause, then it may be a theme issue. Switch to a default theme, such as twentytwelve, and test.

    Come back and tell us if any of those speeded it. If so then you know the problem, if not contact your service provider as it should be a few seconds at most.



    Thanks for the reply Robin. I checked the theme and I chatted with my server. It was neither.
    So, I looked into the plugins. I have found that it’s the capacity in which I’m sending forum post notifications. Apparently sending 40 messages to the interested forum members is slowing the site down. I have tried 2 different plugins.

    This is fixed in the upcoming bbPress 2.6:

    bbPress Trac Ticket #2162
    Very long load times when posting replies if topic has many subscribers

    Refactor subscription notifications functions to send 1 email with all subscribers BCC’d rather than 1 email per subscriber. This speeds up posting significantly in forums or topics where there are any number of subscribers, particularly on configurations with slow email servers or when using external email services.



    Thanks Stephen!

    Any idea how to Refactor subscription notifications functions to send 1 email with all subscribers BCC’d rather than 1 email per subscriber?



    Nevermind. I understand now that’s a snippet from the Commit Messages, Current Release page. Thank you Stephen for your response. I look forward to the changes.

Viewing 5 replies - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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