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503 server errors with big forum on Flywheel

  • Daniel J. Lewis


    I have a large bbPress forum where the wp_postsmeta table is 2 GB! Surprisingly, I’ve not had much trouble hosting that anywhere until I tried Flywheel.

    When bbPress is active, trying to log in through /wp-login.php gives me a 503 error and won’t let me into the dashboard. But if I remove bbPress from the plugins folder, I can log in successfully. This is 100% repeatable.

    The Flywheel people can log in with their own admin account, but they aren’t a forum “keymaster.”

    This site used to be WordPress Multisite but is now its own installation. Server is PHP 7.2.

    But this exact same site runs fine when hosted on Liquid Web, or my own server via Centminmod.

    Can you give any guidance? Unfortunately, the logs aren’t helpful.

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