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502 Error

  • la818


    Hello, I’m on WordPress 4.7.3 and BBPress Version 2.5.12. Site is still in development and not yet live.

    I have a large number of forums (around 35k). Some of the forums work fine to post topics to, others are throwing a 502 error. The topics still post to the forum regardless of the error, but the page does not load upon clicking the “Submit” button. If I stop the page load almost immediately after posting a topic and re-navigate to the specific forum where I was posting the topic, or wait for the page load to throw the 502 error and then re-navigate, the topic always successfully posts regardless of the error.

    I have spent hours with WP Engine support and after thorough investigation, disabling all plugins, switching the theme to a default theme, the server is still responding with a 502 and I’ve been told it’s an issue with BBPress. They told me to mention my database contains the following number of rows as it may be helpful:

    Table rows | Table
    465283 | wp_postmeta
    34858 | wp_posts

    Any help would be immensely appreciated!

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