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500 error on search results

  • BillOsuch


    All of my forum pages are working correctly except for search – searching any query returns a 500 error. I’ve tried the usual steps of deactivating plugins, which had no effect.

    I spoke to the hosting company (WP Engine); they claim that the search queries are timing out before they can be returned to the browser, and the plugin needs to be optimized. I’m not sure that’s the case, however; the page gives an error within about 20 seconds or so, and in the past, it seems like database timeout errors take quite a bit longer. There isn’t a massive amount of data in the database either – 673 topics and about 2K replies.

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  • wpturk


    Did you try to switch to another theme to make sure it’s not theme related.

    If you have access to the logs (webserver, wp debug etc.) can help a lot.

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