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  • Spedwards


    So I just installed bbPress (2.5.4) successfully after having buggy versions last week. Though I’m having a lot of issues this time. I’m using WordPress 4.1.1 and Twenty Fifteen as my theme.

    I created a new forum which I called, “forum” and a topic called, “general”. When I go to view the forum, it takes me to /forums/forum/forum which I believe should be /forums/forum but I can’t go there without it redirecting me. /forums just redirects me as well.

    Following the codex, I tried method two which involved using the shortcode. This works all fine until I clicked on the forum, which took me to /forums/forum/forum

    My site is:

    method 1
    method 2

    How can I fix this issue? Please don’t say disable plugins because I know for a fact, that isn’t the reason.

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  • Robin W


    try resetting your permalinks

    In your WordPress Administration Screens navigate to Settings>Permalinks, select a different permalink structure and save. Then select your preferred permalink structure and save again.

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