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404 if post title starts with letters "Se"

  • HywelPhillips


    Hi All,

    I have the weirdest error. I have a WordPress 3.8.1 installation with Akismet 2.6.0, bbPress 2.5.3 and a couple of other plugins.

    It has been running fine for a year or so. We recently moved server, and did a “point” version update to latest versions.

    Today I found a problem I’ve not seen before: if one posts a forum post whose titles start with the letters “Se”, you get a 404 error when viewing the post. The post itself shows up in the forum listing and is editable with correct text but won’t show up when you click on the link in the forum listing.

    Post title variants like “Secretary”, “Secretary Test” “Sec” all generate the error. A post with title “Sacretary” does not, nor do any other posts test titles I’ve tried.

    Has anyone got the faintest idea what could be going on here?

    Cheers, Hywel Phillips

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