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404 errors login errors — help!

  • Greetings,

    I just installed BBPress today and was totally psyched because I have heard such great things about the WordPress products.

    But . . . I am having major problems:

    – New user testing – password doesn’t work. Login failed.

    – I created forums and when I select the topic I get a “The requested document was not found on this server.” error.

    – When I select a user profile (including mine) I get the same error.

    – This is where it is strange and makes me think that maybe I need to reinstall the whole thing. I can’t create a new post. Nowhere does it say “Create post” on the forums.

    I did install the Approve User Registration plugin by Aditya Naik, but I deactivated it and I am still having the above problems.


    thanks in advance,


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  • chrishajer


    Sounds like several problems that are all fixable. First, I would turn off permalinks until you set them up properly:

    I would do that first so you can actually work with your forum.


    1. What version bbPress did you install?
    2. Did you integrate with WordPress and if so, what version?
    3. Does this happen with the stock them?
    4. Does this happen with no plugins enabled?
    5. What server software, PHP version, MySQL version are you using?

    If you can start with the permalink issue (I think) and then answer some basic questions, I think we can get it sorted without reinstalling.

    Thanks for your comments. I did reinstall and just left everything alone and it worked. I set the type of url for the posts to “name” I think and that is what screwed it up. I left it to the “php#1” type and it worked.

    I am not familiar with the verbiage yet, but I think that is permalinks, no?

    thanks again,




    Yes, that’s permalinks and what you did is what I expected would fix it. Are you having any other problems?

    If you ever want pretty permalinks set up, you can follow this:

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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