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404 error on forums after updating to v2.3

  • Jason


    I’ve got a couple thousand users that I’ve signed up as WordPress subscribers using Gravity Forms User Registration addon. So none of these users have an actual “Forum Role” assigned.

    I’ve been using bbPress 2.2.4 for awhile now and after updating to bbPress 2.3.4, any of these users trying to view a forum get the 404 error page. I can fix the issue for an individual user by manually giving them a “Participant” Forum Role. Or if I put my site back to bbPress 2.2.4, forums come back for everyone.

    Also, what’s interesting is that forums come up fine if a user isn’t logged in at all. But after they login, 404 errors.

    Is this some sort of bug in the updated version, or did something change in this regard I should be aware of?


    And I’m not sure if this is relevant, but this is on a multisite network using Multisite User Management plugin.

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  • John James Jacoby


    Hey Jason! You could try resetting the user roles, in: Tools > Forums

    You can also try this neat little tool I wrote, to check out what capabilities specific users have in your forums:

    What you’re experiencing sounds like bbPress isn’t sure what to do with the role those users have, or doesn’t like the capabilities those users have saved in the DB. Other users have had similar issues, and have fixed them by remapping the roles with the above tool(s).



    Hey JJJ,

    Thanks for the response. So, going to Tools > Forums, definitely did the trick by applying my default forum role “Participant” through to all current users.

    However, it seems the issue is that when new users are created (outside of bbPress’s registration), they do not have a forum role assigned automatically. This I guess was just never an issue previously, as bbPress would use the default forum role when one did not exist. Is this no longer the case?

    Is this the expected behavior? Or should I be figuring out how to modify my signup process to ensure this Forum Role gets assigned to the new user?

Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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