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404 after update

  • andrew55


    When recently updating to 2.6.2 version of bbPress, I am getting 404s when new user arrives on homepage of forums. 404s are visible to user and showing in logs. When page is hard refreshed, forums show up.

    But strange, if, if user goes to link within forums (topic, etc.), no 404s occur.

    I am using bbp-forum-index shortcode on homepage of forums. I did a test and issue doesn’t occur when shortcodes aren’t used (no 404), but of course, no forums are available.

    With shortcodes, even through 404s occur, the sidebar displays and shows the user’s logged-in info (avatar, etc).

    Issue seems to only occur when user is logged in and visits forums. I have forums on their own WordPress installation within a directory of main site.

    I thought it might have been cache, but issue still occurs when cache is disabled.

    Here is link to site:

    Any suggestions on what might be occurring or what I do to troubleshoot issue? Thanks for any help

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