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2 WP installs. 1 for multisite and 1 for bbpress. Possible?

  • marikamitsos


    Hello all. I am a complete newbie here so plz excuse me if I ask a totally naive question.

    We have a test wordpress 3.4.2 multisite/subfolders:,,, etc
    The live site will also be using mapped domains:, etc

    The multisite will be packed with plugins, themes and hopefully sites, 🙂
    So, we want to have the bbpress v2.1.2 installed in a subdomain (separate single wordpress site) on a db of its own, handling all the bbpress plugins and themes.

    The question is this: Can we have users that log (in/out) to their sites be automatically logged (in/out) the bbpress forums as well and vice-versa?

    If yes, how can we do it and what possible plugins (maybe) to use to synchronize this kind of behavior between the two databases?

    Bonus question. After logging in could they create forum/s that can be linked to their sites -mapped or non mapped? (I don’t even know if this “sounds” right).

    Thank you in advance,

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