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  • Dave


    I created several topics in the past months. None of them were acknowledged. So I’ll try here since this seems to an active thread.

    #1. I appreciate the addition of per-forum moderators. I installed the latest RC, but could someone explain how this works – when a mod is assigned to a specific forum, does that person receive notifications, and if so, what are then notified about?

    #2. Is it possible in any version of bbpress to batch subscribe WP users to specific forums?

    Also, is there any documentation regarding the new features? I’m especially interested in anything moderator-related.


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  • Robin W


    sorry no-one has answered you. I split this topic off for better presentation

    1. I haven’t delved into per forum moderation, but my understanding is that it works just like the current one, except that you can allocate which forums users can mod. So since the current system does not have notification as such then no would be the answer. Of course if mods subscribe to a forum they will receive notifications of new topics. If you want them to also receive all replies to new topics without having to subscribe them, you could add this plugin

    topic subscribe

    2. nothing immediate I know of, could be done with some coding

    No documentation for 2.6 yet



    Thanks for the suggestions.

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