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2.6.2 – Server now slowing down on new posts and replies

  • Scaffies


    Just after upgrading to v2.6.2 we noticed also, the server seems to get intermittently very slow every now and then – but seemingly always when posting a new topic or a new reply (slow as in 1-2 minutes, sometimes longer).

    Members keep hitting SUBMIT on topics and replies multiple times, resulting in multiple posts / replies.

    That has never happened before – it is a standalone site on a powerful server, and so we can clearly attribute this to this upgrade.

    Any ideas, please?

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  • Scaffies


    with the installation of the brand-new version 2.6.3 the server load dropped dramatically from 18x to 2x

    This seems to have fixed the issue (whatever it was, can’t figure it out).

    So: thanks for the quick fix!!

    Robin W


    great – glad you are fixed



    sadly, this was only temporary, or a coincidence.

    It runs normal for a bit, then slows down drastically.

    Posting new topics and replies now takes up to five (5) minutes (!!).

    This has never happened before, and started right after the 2.6.2 upgrade.

    There is nothing obvious in the OS process table to see.

    Any ideas are very welcome!

    John James Jacoby


    Is it possible that when you updated to 2.6 you ignored the Upgrade routines?

    If so, you may want to try reinstalling bbPress 2.6.3, as a last minute fix went in after it was originally packaged.

    If I’m correct, then you will also want to consider running the database upgrades soon. Forums with over 10k users need to do it manually, in your Admin > Tools > Forums > Upgrades



    Thank you very much for the feedback.

    Which “upgrade routines”?? Where were any special instructions given?

    We installed it like all other plug-in updates from the WordPress Dashboard -> Updates

Viewing 5 replies - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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