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2.3 Beta 2 to 2.3 Final

  • Darren1981


    Hey all,

    As the title suggests… Would it be safe to begin working on my localhost using BBpress 2.3 Beta 2 and then update to 2.3 Final once it becomes available ? I really have no reason for this but am aware 2.3 brings a lot of new changes and i really don’t want to start digging into templates for the current latest stable version only to update to the new version and have to edit a bunch of templates again..

    I am looking at getting my project live within 2 weeks give or take a few days.. will 2.3 Final / non Beta be out by then ?

    Any advice on this matter is greatly appreciated.

    Regards, Darren

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  • zilveer


    I would to recommend you to put it on hold until the final version gets released even though generally no big chances happens between beta releases and final versions.

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