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[2.0/RC1] My Theme

  • ratsoid2


    Hello guys,

    Well, after seeing that the final 2.0 is short to come, I took mathers into my own hands so I started working hard on a theme. With this thread, I am willing to share my knowledge. All I ask is to not waste my time by asking questions that are already answered in these threads:

    So, the site I am referring to is and if you happen to be romanian, LUCKY YOU! If not, Google Translate will help you and so will I because I am better than Google.

    Ok, first off, by clicking on the red button on top (Cont Nou), you will see a beautiful register page. This was done using Register Plus and Lightbox Plus, so having said that… it’s a plus. Also the login form and forgotton my password form are all in there. Did I mention they use BBPress Shortcodes? Well, they do.

    By navigating to the forum ( ) you will see a custom logo for the forum. This was done using conditional tags. Also you will see a different kind of front forums because I thought that if I was going to start a new forum, I mind as well make it NEW! so you don’t see any Freshness and Last Poster. This is an old format and I think it sucks. It may be one of the many reasons that forums are not doing so good in these times. Also, you can see the last replies in the widget.

    Going forward at the topics page ( ) you can see that the New Topic button (Topic Nou) has a nice sliding effect. Basic jQuery shit, but it looks nice. I figured that having the whole new topic form there is just bleh. The same idea is applied to the “new reply form”.

    On the topics view, there’s nothing much there, but I will say this: I removed the tags (why the hell would someone use tags on a topic? Why complicate a thing so much?) and I also disabled adding favorite topics. The forum is fresh and I didn’t thought it was a good idea. Maybe in the future I will look it up again.


    My profile is here:

    You can see that there are a couple of buttons there… well, I added some new fields with Register Plus and called them in user-details. Thus, if someone adds their G+/fb/tw/yt/www link, a nice button will appear. I thought that having a profile with only the “Created topics” and “Subscribed topics” is boring. Having said that, the “Created topics” and “Subscribed topics” has the same sliding effect as the “New Topic/New Reply” form. Kind of buggy now, but I’m lazy. (* – on the bottom of this post I will like to add something about this particular page).

    Now the profile edit page, that you can see in this screenshot (and only in this screenshot because you are evil): you can see the custom fields I was talking about and the upload avatar thingie. Yes, I got that. I used the User Avatar plugin for WP and it works awesome.

    So that’s basically it (but believed me, I worked for weeks for this forum to be as it is now), but I am looking forward for a few things also:

    – as soon as this is resolved: the commenters links will link to their profile (if they have one, if they don’t, tough luck) and (*) it would be great if there would only be a page for an user’s profile.

    – a proper BB Code plugin

    – fiuguring a way to connect some of the plugins with bbpress like: Pure CSS Emoticons, Lighbox Plus (and I think that’s about it)

    – A SEARCH BOX! Please JJJ, I really need this. I know you are wondering how to implement it, and the answer is simple: make the WP Search Box just search in the forums. Why? Because the blog and the forums are two seperate entitites. If I wish to search for a street, I usee google maps and not google images. Those two shouldn’t be mixed!

    If you need any tips and if I can help in any way, I will surely do so. I did not made this thread to spam or something like that (the site is in romanian, so yeah).

    Sorry for any typos, any non-sense – english isn’t my native language and I’m in a rush.

    P.S. There should be a preview button because I AM NOT SCROLLING UP TO SEE ANY MISTAKES.

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  • are you share youre theme? i need one but im not so good in css and php.



    I can’t share it… It’s deeply integrated with my current theme. Even if you had it, it would work properly. Tell me what you need and I could tell you the proper codes to use.

    mhh… how can i make the images for the boards? that is very nice.

    and the overview on topics without show views etc.



    Every forum has an ID. In my case:

    <tr class="post-3730 forum type-forum status-publish hentry even" id="bbp-forum-3730">

    <td class=”bbp-forum-info”>


    <div class=”bbp-forum-description”><div class=”pce-enabled-section”><p>Forum despre lucruri generale, ca poneii ┼či cunilingusul</p>

    </div><!– PHP 5.x –></div>


    <td class=”bbp-forum-topic-count”>7</td>

    <td class=”bbp-forum-reply-count”>46</td>

    <td class=”bbp-forum-freshness”>

    2 zile

    <p class=”bbp-topic-meta”>

    <span class=”bbp-topic-freshness-author”><img width=”14″ height=”14″ class=”avatar avatar-14 photo” src=”; alt=””> Mr. Edgar</span>




    So just add some css to each and single on of your forums (hopefuly you don’t have too many). My case:

    tr#bbp-forum-3730 td.bbp-forum-info {

    background: url("images/icon1.png") no-repeat scroll 10px center transparent;

    padding-left: 75px;


    The above code gives the first forum it’s icon. Replace “#bbp-forum-3730” with your #bbp-forum-NUMBER and the rest of the css I think it’self explinatory.

    thanks alot. is there a way to change the freshness “days” to the anme of the last post in the forum?

    the freshness show everytime:

    1 days

    by user xyz

    but can i change this text to the link with name of the last post?

    and have you any idea how can i delete the text “tags” from the editor? i can delete the tag field with css but i cant find a css for the text voer the field.



    Regarding the first issue, I haven’t looked into that and I don’t recommend changes right now, seeing that the last oficial release is still a beta.

    Regarding the second thing, the same principles apply. You can remove the “tags” field from <your theme>/bbpress/loop-topics.php I think, form-topic.php, form-topic-tag.php, form-topic-split.php, etc. Just look into those.

    But I repeat, you shouldn’t change thse files just yet, seeing that the twenty-ten theme of bbpress is not final. For example I have found this:

    Just stick with CSS right now, even if it’s not the ideal case. Who knows, maybe the final twenty-ten theme won’t use tables, just nice divs with css (one can wonder…). If not, I think I’m gonna convert the whole theme in divs with CSS when the final release will be available.

    If you have any more questions, I will gladly respond.

    yes you are right i better no change anything in the files. But i hope the theme dont change so i have put to many time in my css ;)

    but very thanks for help with pictures.

    you breadcrmb is not the normal or is?

    without start etc. can you give me the code for that breadcrumb?



    To hide the “Home” link, just put this in your styles.css

    a.bbp-breadcrumb-home {

    display: none;


    Also, I am displaying the profile link of commenters in the blogs comments using:

    <?php if ($comment->user_id) { $user=get_userdata($comment->user_id); echo '<span class="forumauthor"> <XXXXa href="link-to-profile-without-username/'.$user->user_nicename.'">Profil</span>'; } ?>

    remove the XXXX from the code.

    you awesome ;) thanks for help and give this.

    have an idea how can change the link in the breadcrumb? the forums link bring me to bbpress standard site but i have made my own site with shortcodes.

    Thank you for the great theme and help! I based my forums on yous and it looks great!

    One thing I have not been able to do is separate the CSS for the author name form the topic title in the topic screen (see

    I want to keep the topic as a large font but reduce the author font to something closer to 11.

    Also any idea how to make the author picture larger and move it so that its next to the topic title?

    Here is what I am trying to do, were image is one image that takes up two lines:

    [image] TOPIC

    [image] Started by Author

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