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2.0 – Custom registration fields

  • jabbamonkey


    In version 1.0, there is a way to create custom registration fields (creating a regfields module, with a short bit of code).

    Is there a way to do this for 2.0? I upgraded to the newer forum, because I thought things like this would be easier.

    Also, is there a way to make certain fields private (so they are submitted for admins to view, but not publically posted to the profile)?

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  • enderandrew


    Buddypress allows you to create extended profile fields. Any profile fields you add to the base group will show up on the registration form. You can make any of these fields required or optoinal.



    I did a search in PLUGINS on this site, and didn’t see a BuddyPress plugin. So, I did a web search for it. Is BuddyPress the social networking WordPress plugin? Does it tie in to BBPress 2.0 easily? Or is it something extremely difficult to do? Do the bbpress short codes (for creating a register page) still work with BuddyPress?

    Also, the required or optional option is good. Is there a way to make fields that are HIDDEN from the public?



    BBPress 2.0 integrates with BuddyPress.

    1. Install BuddyPress. I’d recommend the 1.5 beta right now, just like I’d recommend bbPress 2.0 RC.

    2. When going through the BuddyPress install, it asks you to pick components you want to run, like Extended Profile, Instant Messages, etc. Do not select Forums. Forums must be unchecked. The BuddyPress forums are basically a built-in version of bbPress 1.5, but we’re going to install bbPress 2.0.

    3. There is a component/option in Buddypress for Site Tracking. You want this on, so that your Buddypress activity stream sees bbPress forum posts.

    4. Define your extra profile fields in Buddypress.

    5. Install bbPress 2.0 and it will see Buddypress. Member links in bbPress should point to the Buddypress profiles with the extra profile fields.


Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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