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(18+ business forum) Looking for Feedback

  • Helmuts


    Hello all,

    I have created an inner forum (a forum to discuss auld industry business aspects).

    bbPress seemed to be the right solution to go for (and actually the only one to be honest) as the main website is run on wp.

    Could you please share your thoughts/feedback as a person who’s worked with bbPress for a much longer time? Any changes required?

    Screenshot of all the plugins I use: (link to imgur as the image is too long to be inserted here).

    Still looking how to implement following features:
    * like button (have tried different ones – none seems good enough)
    * see total views (I understand that I’m not the only one)
    * quote
    * adding moderator status to registered users for selected categories only
    * first post in different colour (as here)

    Thanks in advance for the feedback,

    p.s. the more I work with bbpress, the more I love it, and it looks like that my users get along with it good as well.

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