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100 is limit for email notifications

  • haddly


    Hi there,
    I recently discovered that there is a limit set on our server of 100 emails being sent out at one time.
    Some of our forums have more than 100 subscribers, which means that not all are getting notifications when something new is posted.
    Is there a way to set up batches, so that e.g. 50 go out and then 50 again in 10 mins etc until the full list of emails have been covered?
    btw, I am using the AsynCRONous bbPress Subscriptions plugin

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  • Robin W


    ummm…. AsynCRONous bbPress Subscriptions changes from bbpress one email and bcc to send lots of single emails, so you have moved to the system that your server doesn’t like.

    Email providers stopping lots of emails is why bbpress moved to a single email with bcc, although now many email providers are stopping that, so it’s really hard to know what to do.

    code to send in sets would be complicated



    For some reason, emails weren’t being sent out to subscribed users when a new forum post was posted. When i started using Asychronous they started working.
    I wrote to the plugin author as well (today), and he has advised to use an email queueing plugin (due to the fact it calls the wp_mail() function. And then use the queueing plugin to set a number less than 100 with an interval.
    I will try his advice, but unfortunately there are 2 plugins i found, both of which haven’t been updated in 3 years such as:

Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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