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1.1 feature poll

  • 1.1 Feature Poll

    Matt has made a feature poll on what is most important for you to see in bbpress 1.1, so get on there and vote. If you want to tell why you voted that, feel free to tell here!

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  • @timskii – Completely agree with you on the idea of standard plugins. WordPress is starting to move in a similar direction:

    Also agree that forums are more dynamic and less suitable for caching than blogs, making bloat an especially important factor. This wasn’t as much of an issue through the 0.7-0.9 branches, but has starting to become more of an issue in 1.0 – especially with the BackPress integration.

    I really can’t understand why most people voted for “integration with wordpress” and “anonymouse posting” because bbpress is already integrated in wordpress and it exists already a plugin for anonymouse posting. Please vote for features which aren’t available yet!

    My favourites are:

    1. WYSIWYG-Editor

    2. Facebook-Connect



    “Please vote for features which aren’t available yet”

    1. WYSIWYG-Editor

    Availible for about 18 months now mate…

    2. Facebook Connect.

    Can i ask please mate, and with no disrespect, because alot of people are asking for this so there’s obviously a good reason that i’m just missing, in what way is it helpful to BBpress (which right now cant integrate properly with WordPress) to spend development time tyring for integration with someone else’s closed software? What are the advantages to the people who run forums of Facebook Connect?

    Am i missing something since i hit 30?

    We cant properly administer topics and posts, half the plugins we used to use dont work, and folks think Facebook Connect is the way forward? I’m not knocking it, i’m just loking for the reason. Thanks

    *NB – to clarify, i’m not putitng anyones opinion down, I just dont see what the benfits of this system are. We’ve seen every internet company since ’90s (with the possible exception of google) go through Boom Bust scenarios and become obsolete. What the benfits of spending development time on this?

    @ Dailytalker: My thoughts exactly.

    RE: (2), in this day and age people hate having to register a new user name and password for every single site they want to interact on. Like it or not, FB is the big social-networking dog out there. I think all our bbPress sites would see more interactions if FB connect could be used (optionally turned on or off).

    Anyone else out there want to see ‘IntenseDebate-Connect’ ?

    If you want to get bbpress out and working to the masses then put a lot of the plugins into the core where they would be better updated and maintained. Right now if you want to use plugins you need to hire a developer to implement and figure out how to work the plugin. The plugins are not updated and you need to figure out how to make the plugin work through the forum comment section.

    Critical plugins that should be in the core would be something like a bbcode lite, bbbuttons, terms of service, quote function, allow images, allow video, signature, login with facebook. Private messaging perhaps. Security features like capatcha and prevent service provider addresses would also be good as part of the core. More unique features like BB Press Latest Discussions, Adsense, Flickr etc could be provided by way of plugins.


    I’m really happy there is a thread like this. I voted ‘integration with WordPress’ but honestly, there are a LOT OF THINGS I wished, were by default.

    When I switched from SMF to bbPress, I didn’t know what I was getting myself into. The reason I switched was, because SMF is using this license that you can’t change the code or something. And because of that, plugins were hard to find.

    My users who visit my site, daily and already so many years, were totally used to the many features that SMF had/has. So the day I switched, they arrived at a forum who was completely empty.

    Sure there are plugins, but not all plugins work (well) and sometimes you need spent hundreds of hours to get a plugin working. Not everyone has the time for it.

    My forum doesn’t have a private message system, cause the plugins that are available, don’t work on it.

    The forum doesn’t have a build-in feature for users to upload their own avatar. I had to achieve that via a plugin and hundreds of hours spending on this forum.

    I don’t wanna sound like I’m complaining, I just want that it should be clear to some members that they should be a bit more open minded and not think that everything is fine and everyone can handle it. There are webmasters out there, that spent lots of time on bbPress forums and their own site to make it work like a normal forum.

    I’m really happy there is a thread like this.

    I would be much happier if my post about the future of bbPress, written with my regular account “goebelmasse” didn’t were a censored one, made invisible for all other users than me.

    Bye bye, bbPress!




    the_censored_one – I don’t think there’s any conspiracy. There were a few long posts caught by akismet today. If you posted as Elias, I rescued that one. It happened to a couple other regular posters as well with long posts and lots of links.



    I really can’t understand why most people voted for “integration with wordpress

    I voted for integration because it’s the number one, most common problem here, based on the number of questions, most often used tag, big selling point was “ease of integration” and that promise has been completely unmet. Getting single log in working for bbPress and WordPress, getting the theme to look the same, having access to WordPress functions, all these things are promised by integration, and none of them work unless you light some incense and candles, sacrifice an animal and dance around naked under a silver moon. Then, MAYBE, you can get integration working. I don’t want a single new feature until that happens.

    Until that point, and until people here stop asking how to do it, I will continue to vote for integration as the number one feature. If it’s not going to happen, then stop saying it will on the front page of this website.



    I really can’t understand why most people voted for “integration with wordpress”

    Well, probably because… Its one of the 7 core features advertised on the feature page:

    Also, its been the number one request for the last two years, and its the number one posted topic for the last two years, and the number one used tag for the last two years and… actually to continute would be flogging a dead horse.

    P.S. How bad has Akismet been recently? Not to spark a different conversation but maybe it needs a different way of deciding if Forum posts are spam in regards to teh way it decides if Blog Comments are spam.




    It lists the 7 Features that BBpress hopes to achieve.

    * Fast and light

    * Simple interface

    * Customizable templates

    * Highly extensible

    * Spam protection

    * RSS Feeds

    * Easy integration with your blog

    Who here thinks BBpress in its current state nails half of these?

    1. Fast and Light? Slower and heavier with teh whole backpress XML-RPC debacle.
    2. Simple interface? I’ve issues with it, but its alot better than it was.
    3. Customizable templates? Half of the outputs are hardcoded into the core, and most of the CSS specific code is at the child and not the parent, meaning large hacks are required constantly.
    4. Highly extensible? Really… 1.0.2’s been out for over 6 months now, and i’ve not seen a huge amount of plugins – worse what plugins there were seem to be broken.
    5. Spam protection? Akismet is killing us. Forum are different to blog posts by their nature (one way, verus two way, versus collaborative discussions), while my own experience, i spend more time cleaning forums up (usually undeleting) than i ever do on my blogs with Akismet.
    6. RSS Feeds? nice one.
    7. Easy integration with your blog? seriously…

    Lets focus on getting BBpress to meet the bare minimum of what it says on the tin, then maybe worry abotu smileys/FBconnect/Emai…sorry…Private Messaging once the product delivers that it set out to do.

    Night all



    Lets focus on getting BBpress to meet the bare minimum of what it says on the tin

    I agree 100%

    “Please vote for features which aren’t available yet”

    There is only a Tinymce-Editor available but its not compatible with the current bbpress-edition and its not what I am looking for. bbpress should use exactly the same editor as it’s used in wordpress. This would be a further integration step. It is not really nice to use 2 different editors for the forum and for the blog. Therefore please vote for WYSIWYG-EDITOR. The WYSIWYG-EDITOR should contain buttons for links and pictures

    Please also vote for FACEBOOK-CONNECT. (The OPEN-ID Plugin does not work with the current bbpress-version and it doesn’t offer facebook-connect as the author is waiting till facebook will join the open-id-project. This may be in 2 years which is a very long time.



    To chrishajer: Yes, it was me. My “lots of” links are three (is that “lots”?), but okay, the post is loooong. And of course there is not a conspirancy, but it smells like censorship, when I have to see that plans for bbPress to become a WordCrapPressy Bloaty Piece Of Unuseable And Totally Overloaded Shit and have to see my post saying that the WP way is the wrong way for bbPress is made disappear silently and not noticeable for the me. And sorry, but I have to say I expected such kind of censorship. It is the WP kind of “culture” growing here, just forgetting the community of users and building an own universe without the problems in the real world and dreaming of world domination with PHP scripts. That “feature poll” thing makes clear that no strategic discussion with users (and eventually with people who may become developers a little — I simply can only give a little, I am an homeless german artist living by begging and don’t have always a development environment or even permanent internet access) is totally unwanted.

    It sucks. bbPress is dead with this kind of “culture”. And bbPress is dead for me. I expect this lesser neat words to be deleted too, but I know that they are read by the people who are doing so.

    Elias – I thought your previous post was excellent, and I agreed with almost 100% of it – including your suggestion around the core plugins structure.

    Just wanted to clarify as an unbiased third party (I have zero affiliation with WordPress/Automattic and am not a mod on this board) that your post being flagged as spam was almost certainly just Akismet acting up again.

    Posts with links are often flagged by Akismet – it’s happened many times on this forum:

    On a separate note… I don’t think it’s helpful to refer to the future direction of bbPress as a “WordCrapPressy Bloaty Piece Of Unuseable And Totally Overloaded Shit”. I’m super worried about bloat and feature overload too – it’s just that inflammatory language tends to shift the conversation into yelling at each other, rather than focusing on addressing the issues raised.



    Hey Elias, get over it. No one is censoring your posts. It was caught by Akismet and I released it. That’s all it was. There were about 6 long posts on two threads that were caught in the same way.

    And I do think somewhere 3 links is built in to the black box that is Akismet. Maybe that’s variable, but I’ve seen posts with two links get through but three get caught.

    And finally, I think the feature poll was a little premature if it was ever needed. A better question in my mind would be “what does bbPress need” – not features, but what is most needed.



    but i still doubt that many people will be up for documenting a version of BBpress that is likely to be replaced realtively soon


    I know I’m not interested in doing it. I imagine anyone who developed a plugin for 0.9 or earlier felt the same way about the move to 1.0.



    This post is great:

    There’s no way anyone would have censored that. There’s a lot of great commentary in that post.

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