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[1.0 Trunk 1806] How to delete deleted messages ?

  • Hello,

    The question is in the title.

    When I “delete ” a message, this message appears in the admin panel and seem to stay there.. forever.

    How to get red of deleted messages ?

    Thanks in advance

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  • Hello,

    Sorry to insist, is there a solution even using phpMyAdmin by tweeking directly the database ???

    It becomes rather urgent….


    I’ll try this way for next time, in the meantime I ended using PhpMyAdmin to delete post and tipic with status=1

    I hope this fucntionality will make its way in the core because it can become a real problem.

    I had a problematic user, I first deleted all his messages (deleted, but not really deleted as BBPress don’t really delete) then I deleted his account.

    A few hours later he recreated his accoun and suddently all supposedly deleted messages appeared with “anonymous” has author…. very strange.

    Using phpMyAdmin the problem is gone :)

    How to use your script ?

    Thanks again

    -1 The script starts with <?php and finishes with ?>

    0 Change lines 1 and 2 with you user, host, password and database name

    1 Save to file filename.php

    2 Upload to your forum directory

    3 Start it. For example – open

    thanks !!!

Viewing 5 replies - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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