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0 Voices 1 Posts?

  • Xaveus


    I have installed bbpress on multiple wordpress sites and seem to always have the same issue. On the main forum index page it says 0 voices and 1 posts no matter how many posts you create this never changes. Being that this has occurred on every site that I have included bbpress and being different themes and installs I can only conclude that I must be missing something when I set it up.

    If anyone can help I would appreciate it….because you cannot run a forum that says there is only 1 post in it 🙁

    Also I use no shortcodes, I just install bbpress then go to and start posting.

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  • I would check if your web host is caching the bbPress pages and/or you are have setup caching yourself, if so disbale your cache plugin/s and see what happens.



    There is no caching going on, on any of the websites. I have been doing searches on this issue for a few days and found over 50 posts on this issue but never was anyone able to answer it.

    Funny thing is on every install it says “1 posts” for every forum area created….yet no posts have been made so the bug must be on install, it is reading a post that does not exist.

    Well there is something else going on, disable all your plugins except bbPress and switch to the Twenty Fourteen theme and do some tests to see if the ‘Voice Count’ and ‘Post Counts’ increment correctly.

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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