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0.9 reinstall and how to hide forums?

  • are there any things I need to modify in the database to reinstall bbPress?

    Is there any way I can hide forums in 0.9?

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  • the problem with the first install is:

    1 – I did not integrate the forum with WP (the now infamous secret cookie key thingy)

    2 – the username I registered and got the password for does not work. So now I can’t login to bbPress myself.

    3 – the forums are open. I have a plugin for the older version which hid the forums from the outside world except the authors but that seems to not work with 0.9

    any help please…

    I’m trying to reinstall 0.9 to correct some mistakes i made during the last install, but it seems to pick up some of the old values (does not integrate with WP in spite of me now mentioning the secret cookie key).

    are there any steps to fresh re-install wp 0.9? I’m really pressed for time, so if there are any paid services to help me out on this from anybody here please let me know.

    this issue is resolved



    How did you resolve it, for the benefit of others on this forum?

Viewing 5 replies - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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