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    Thanks to two of you Mr Robin W and Mr Stephen Edgar,
    My website is get to go at last!

    When some problems are found while running the website,
    I will come back here.

    What a wonderful place here is!

    (…see you soon.)



    Thanks for two of you!
    That was familiar and interesting topic for me as a web designer!


    Thanks to you, Mr Robin W,
    I could display ‘Website:’ part in User’s profile page!

    Now, Along with it, 2 new wishes came up to my mind.
    Would you please grant my wishes again?

    (I really appreciate from Japan! that you always help me, Mr Robin W! )

    1. When the ‘Website’ field is blank, I want it be invisible.

    Now, When it’s blank, it’s displayed like Website:_____.

    2. Is it possible to add ‘Where you live:’ part before the ‘Website:’ part?

    Showing the living place is helpful for deepening relations between users, I think…
    I wish I could add just <input> tag, neither <textarea> tag nor <select> tag.

    many thanks.



    Thanks for your attentive respond.

    OK.then, I’m waiting for your reply…



    Hi! Mr Robin W!

    Now, my Website is likely to complete.
    Thanks to you. (Detailed description of PHP codes was very helpful for me!)

    My Website is a site to help people.
    Near future, some troubles might be found in my Website.(It might be tomorrow..orz)

    At that time,
    I would be happy if you come back and advice me.

    Best regards.



    Wow! At last!

    I could solve all problems of mine!
    It is thanks to you, Mr Robin W!

    Well, yesterday I came up with new ideas.
    And I tried, but It’s too hard for me to make it.

    So, Would you please advice me one more time?

    I’ve made ​​a new topic.(here)

    many thanks…



    I really appreciate your response!
    bbPress support is great!

    I’ve worked for about 3years as a Web designer.
    So, I can understand HTML and CSS3,
    and how to edit and ftp files as well.

    For php, I learned the just basics before.
    So, I can read basic php codes,
    but I can’t write php codes by my own.

    Thanks for telling URL “Shorten freshness wording”.
    The codes should be helpful for me.
    However, I have no idea to customize the codes to get to my Two goals…

Viewing 6 replies - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)