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  • am talking about database tables. both phpbb3 and bbpress should use the same database.

    first, get a backup of all of your files, so you can restore everything back if anything went wrong.

    now install a new copy of bbpress, make sure you use the same database as the current phpbb3 installation is using.

    finish the installation then run the converter, and there should be no problems.

    bbpress and phpbb3 tables must use the same database for the convertor to work!

    i think you are using different prefix for your bbpress tables. if thats it, just modify line 17 in phpbb3tobbress.php into the prefix you used.

    again, i wrote that converter assuming the conversion is done on a new empty bbpress installation, not even integrated to wp. integration can be done after conversion according to this post.

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    it depends on your needs, if you need a forum that has too many features, then its phpbb for sure.

    but if you are looking for a simple forum that has basic functionality, then it’s bbpress.

    personally i like bbpress, i like how simple/basic it is, which allows me to add only the features that i want on my own via plugins, while phpbb has too much features, more than i ever wanted, which of course makes it heavier.

    i wrote it assuming the conversion is done on a new empty bbpress installation. then integrating it later with WP. they call it reverse integration on this post https://bbpress.org/forums/topic/wordpress-and-bbpress-integration-101#post-17411

    yes, after conversion. and you don’t have to install it, just copy the file as is and it will be loaded automatically.

    no worries about subforums, they will appear as with phpbb3, but bbpress doesn’t have the hidden forum option so they will be viewable to everyone after conversion.

    maybe you can use that plugin to hide them again after conversion.

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    i used phpbb for like 5 years now, it’s a great forum software, but i have to say that i admire the simple/plain approach of bbpress.

    so, am working on a phpbb3 -> bbpress converter. so far i figured all i need to convert forums, topics, posts, user info. i only have a problem moving user passwords, so does anybody know of a way of importing user passwords from phpbb3 to bbpress ? the problem is that phpbb3 doesn’t use plain md5 anymore, and i don’t know exact details about the new hashing method.

    am thinking about importing all users without passwords- or even with unified password, then generate new passwords for them all through bbpress admin panel and send it to their emails, but if i can import passwords it would be far better.

    anybody interested in helping me ?

Viewing 8 replies - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)