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  • Ok after a few more trys, I got it to load. I think I might have had a carriage return (ha, they still use that term?) in the cut and pasting. Now the work to get them to match begins. I need to now get info from the bb_header file into the front-page.



    Yes right at the top right after <?php

    The congfig.php file at the bottom where it asks about wp intigration also has a statement.

    //define(‘WP_BB’, true); When I uncokmmented that it failed so I changed WP_BB to wp_bb and it worked. I’ve set up the wp url and siteurl as well. This all works.

    So when I added your code to the top I’ve tried all combinations, that is, lowercase, commenting out the define(‘WP_BB’, true); at the bottom of the config file etc.

    Thanks for responding!


    First let me say what a breeze to install and intigrate. I didnot even realize it was integrated untill I noticed while logged into WP admin I brought up the forum in another tab and was logged in there too! Nice job.

    Ok now to my question, Im trying to get the forum to look like wp, in my cae its http://dentalceramics.com and http://dentalceramics.com/forums. Like what youve done with this site.

    My problem is that every time I try and ad



    define(‘WP_BB’, true);

    I get a crash. Interestingly though define(‘WP_BB’, true); works under the last section of the config.php file but only as define(‘wp_bb’,true); Its how its defined now.

    So my thouht is do I need to even do this? Can I just start adding wp tags tp my bb_template files? If so what should for example <?php bb_get_header(); ?> be changed to in the front-page.php file if this is the way to go about it.

    Many thanks,


    Oh, sorry no access to my error log files which is a real bummer for stuff like this to help.

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)