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  • I might not have been very clear on that. Foremost I want to fork WordPress and turn it into a fast, modern and elegant cms. At the same time I want to fork WordPress and bbPress to run as plugins on that cms. I just used the backpress name in my post to avoid using WordPress two times.

    I’m personally not that interested in a standalone forum, but in a forum that integrates on my normal website easily and a normal website that is modern, fast and easily extendible. The current WP codebase might have the fast-part but it isn’t modern and it isn’t easily extendible (ok, it’s better then phpBB for example but more object oriented code wouldn’t do bad at all).

    Hello Burlesona,

    I’ve used vanilla (1.x) before but vanilla 2 was new to me. I’ve just checked it out briefly, but while I think using a framework (like Garden or others) to build a custom website, I don’t like the idea of using a framework to build a sort of webapplication (not sure what it should be called) which can be extended itself. (Then you’re actually building a mini-framework onto a framework)

    Although the idea of using the MVC-pattern sounds interesting. It might be usefull for the theme stuff, although it isn’t a “go” yet.

    Furthermore there is a difference between Garden and my to be fork of backpress. My fork would function as a basic cms. If you only need a simple website, you could go with my fork + the default included plugins. My blog and forum plugins would be just plugins. Garden however is a framework, it can do nothing on its own. It needs a layer (here : vanilla) on top of it.

    As for your integration problems, you could try to integrate vanilla and wordpress untill you find something better?

    However, the bbpress forum might not be the best place to have discussions about stepping off bbpress or forking it.

    Thanks for the tip,

    Wim Tibackx

    Blaming matt/automattic or blaming eachother isn’t going to take us and this project anywhere, people!

    Let’s stop bitching at eachother and get this thing moving.

    To summarize :

    -Matt will be making bbpress into a wordpress plugin, afaics in this quarter, as WordPress skipps a release cycle to focus on the website and other projects

    -People are talking about forking bbpress 0.9 as an independant lightweight forum. Is this going to happen and who is going to do this.

    -I’ll start a wordpress/backpress/bbpress fork probably at the end of next week, searching for extra devpower.

    That’s the situation how it is, and there is little chance that it is going to change. Time to stop looking at the past and to start looking at the future.

    However, the fork in the topic on wptavern was a fork as just a wordpress plugin. My intend is to fork both WordPress and bbpress and rewrite them to get something like this structure (although with different names) :

    -Backpress a-like thing, which is basicly a “core” thing with support for custom post types and such and with NO own post types

    -Wordpress a-like thing, which would be an official/canonical/core blog Backpress plugin

    -BBPress a-like thing, which would be an official/canonical/core forum Backpress plugin.

    I also want to take the chance to raise the spec to php 5 and handle things more object-oriented.

    I will start on this project probably at the end of next week, if you’d like to participate, develop, help of any other sort you can mail me at info at wimtibackx dot be . I’ll take the following days to work out a roadmap and such.

    Any help or feedback is appreciated!

    I think that with the new 3.0 Custom Post Type functionality, a lot could be done to simplify the current WordPress as blog vs. WordPress as CMS vs. Buddypress vs. bbPress clutter. It seems to me that there is no good way of combining them all at this very moment. In wordpress you can’t change nor delete the default post types. If you want bbPress you need to link it up and such. I think it would be better if the current project group evolved into (but who am I in the community ^^):

    *BackPress, which contains the whole base (a lot of things it doesn’t contain atm from WordPress)

    *Wordpress, which could just be no more then a plugin to BackPress (on the download page you should have the option to either download the plugin or backpress+plugin)

    *bbPress, (see wordpress)

    *BuddyPress, (see wordpress)

    This way, wordpress can evolve in a stable, clear and usefull cms. This way, development teams could be handled much more flexible (a team for backpress, and teams for the other projects only having to worry about the plugin).

    This would make it more clear for users and certain wanted features could be implemented much quicker. There should be, however, the functionality of having “plugins on plugins”, thus, plugins on wordpress, …

    Also, this way of working would permit developers to use the backpress/wordpress codebase without having the mess of the current post types. It would also ease combining these projects a lot.

    Last but not least, it would give the teams the oppertunity to clean up codebases (raise spec to php 5, more object oriented way of handling things, …)

    What do you guys think about it?

    As a final note, I’d like to say the following to the developing teams : work with the community, not against.

    Edit : And if there would be interested in starting such an initiative from the community, as automattic isn’t likely to do this, I’d be willing to help developing. If I’d had more time, I’d probably already started something like this, but I haven’t got the time to lead such a big thing.

    In reply to: Download location


    Got it installed atm and works fine :)

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