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  • as you like. my blogs and forums are all working. no need to be offended! i just found that after reading this thread *most* people’s questions came from not reading the sticky all the way through. and you are correct: the sticky doesn’t mention merging files. i read that elsewhere (i’ll try and recall where). does it matter? regardless: what i outlined works.

    as for duplicates, they override eachother. there’s duplication, overriding and modifying all over the place in WordPress and bbPress. this is nothing new. all that matters is precedence at the end of the day.

    nitpicking is pointless and unhelpful. take it or leave it. don’t really care. all i’m interested in is helping people sort this out. my way works. end of story. if you can indeed write a new plugin, then by all means give ‘er! :) yours might be the halcyon we’ve all been hoping for! that’s the beauty of all this stuff! :D


    okay. this is an addendum to my previous post, something was nagging at me and it has to do with the way bbPress’ functions enqueue the stylesheets.

    you are going to have problems. i forgot a CRITICAL MODIFICATION. and it may ONLY apply to CHILD THEMES. i haven’t finished testing it on standalone themes, but put it in your watch folder…

    if you look at the bbPress’ functions, near the middle, there is a section that enqueues stylesheets. i’m not sure why this is there because, in essence, it COMPLETELY OVERRIDES any style changes you make to your child theme’s CSS. what it does is load ANOTHER copy of the parent-style’s stylesheet with a version number tacked on. this forces a precedence over your own style.css, essentially making the newly loaded CSS sheet last-defined. and we know what that means.

    so. the fix:

    1) find this line in your functions.php file (the one you have the merged bbPress functions.php code in):

    wp_enqueue_style( ‘twentyten’, get_template_directory_uri() . ‘/style.css’, ”, $this->version, ‘screen’ );

    it’s on line 149 of the original functions(2).php file from my post above, so to make it easy to find, you can do some quick math to find the relevant line number in your (merged) functions.php file. (hope that made sense…)

    2) comment it out by simply adding ‘//’ in front of it.

    3) reload. your style.css sheet will now be dominant and the css/bbPress.css file will act in a better support role, as it should.

    i understand the long-view logic of why this function does what it does, but at a non-galaxy-class-developer level, it makes for massive headaches… and you still have the fun headaches with the bbPress tags…

    hope this was also useful. it will save you going bald.


    i got mine working almost without effort. i literally read the sticky at the top of this thread and it worked.

    a couple of things to note, that people are stumbling over:

    1) READ THE STICKY. don’t peruse it. READ IT.

    2) the sticky actually says the same thing twice. COPY the CONTENTS of wp-contentpluginsbbpressbbp-themesbbp-twentyten to YOUR theme’s folder, whether it be a child theme or not. in my case the path was wp-contentthemesSuperTurboTheme.

    3) it’ll ask it you want to overwrite ‘style.css’. don’t. just let the OS rename it to ‘style(2).css’.

    4) ditto for the ‘functions.php’ file. it should, temporarily, be ‘functions(2).php.

    5) MERGE the two functions.php files. i just copy/pasted everything from ‘functions(2).php’ to the bottom of the ‘functions.php’ file. just like in the sticky. i didn’t merge the ‘style.css’ and ‘style(2).css’ files. but i DID make sure the ‘Tags:’ line in my ‘style.css’ file included ‘bbPress’ as the first item, just to be sure. it was an old requirement that doesn’t seem to have been deprecated anywhere and i’m a belt-n-suspenders boy…

    6) at the very top of your newly expanded ‘functions.php’ file, add the line ‘add_theme_support( ‘bbpress’ );’ to the very top. just like in the sticky. EVEN THOUGH THERE IS A SIMILAR LINE IN the bbPress’ functions.php file, YOUR functions.php file MUST HAVE THIS LINE as well. EVEN THOUGH THEY ARE MERGED.

    7) reload.

    don’t get clever. don’t reinvent. don’t assume anything. just follow the steps and you should be fine.

    your only challenge now is figuring out how to do your CSS. the ‘style.css’ will control the WordPress portion of the site. it CAN handle the bbPress styling as well, but i prefer to leave it to bbPress.css (located in the ‘css’ folder you copied over) to handle the forum styles. its a bit of a headache sorting out the bevy of tags that get generates, but hey, it works. and i DO mean headache.

    not to beat a dead horse, but the real challenge IS sorting out the secondary CSS. i recommend Firebug to help you drill down the the styles. the byzantine class structure can make your head spin. try using the elements that are relatively easy to spot. and REMEMBER THIS: NOT ALL CLASSES ARE IN THE STYLESHEET. this can really toss a wrench into things. they are added for future slice-n-dice, but seems overkill to me. low-order CSS has proved easier for me. i can’t foresee a reason to slice the site up so finely…but it’s futureproofed to the wheel-wells! :)

    good luck. hope this was useful. i apologize if i missed anything. i tried to be thorough AND simple.

    feel free to correct me if i stepped wrong somewhere. this is what worked to me.


    niiiice. you could also check out s2Member plugin, but this is just plain slick.

    i’m sure we’ll be seeing an update soon that will asplode everything we’ve done so far, but until then, very cool workaround.


    i suspected this might be the case when i went and updated everything in the following order:





    and, like you @mesayre, my PHP chops aren’t quite up to the task of forcing a load order. would seem like a core-functionality issue that needs to be addressed quickly.

    glad to hear i’m not the only poor bastard popping eyeballs at this one.

    thanks for the pointers. i wish us all a communal good-luck and hope the higher ups see this and implement a fix for us all. to them: if i can help, let me know.


    having accomplished this, see if you can figure out how to have the content expand to full width ONLY in the forum… lol.


    as a quick addendum, i didn’t actually delete the code. i just commented out the PHP contents, like so:

    <?php //get_sidebar(); ?>

    that was if something changes and i still need the sidebar, i’ll know where they all were to begin with. :)


    i’m trying to do the same thing right now. looks like you’re going to have to search through each PHP file in the bbPress theme and remove the following code:

    <?php get_sidebar)(); ?>

    it’s the only way that i can think of… which is neither fast nor easy. :(


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