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  • Unfortunately I don’t have the expertise to make any improvements. I do have to ask though… would it be relatively easy to reverse the process to import starting with most recent posts first?

    Even though I can continue, I’m still not able to import all of the bbpress standalone install.

    Today I was able to sit for 4.5 hours straight and let it run doing 2000 rows at a time, and it made it to 196,000 (out of 361,000), but that’s it. Even though I can resume it, it seems that it “remembers” where it left off by manually checking, 2000 rows at a time, if it’s been done or not, so presumably it would require quite a bit of time at first to check, then resume, and I’m simply not able to stay at a computer long enough to accomplish it. Even disabling sleep on my computer and letting it run all night, it times out sometime overnight.

    Any ideas how to get my recent posts? I’m considering making a backup of the database, then using phpmyadmin to manually delete anything more than a year old, then re-running the import tool. Would that work in theory?

    Ahhh, thanks. I’ve been at this for a while, first using Tools > Import, then I installed the bbconverter standalone plugin, and that plugin made it seem like it was the other way around, despite the name “reset.”

    This latest version makes it a bit clearer, but I was already “conditioned” by the old version. My fault. Thanks for the help.

    I’m having a problem with the import from the standalone bbpress. However, it could be due to size. My current bbpress stats:

    7 forums

    12246 topics

    274779 posts

    8498 users

    When I import, it cuts off right about 4,900 (page stops loading and ‘completes’). When I go back to import again, it asks if I want to start over or continue, and although I choose continue, it just re-imports the same ones it did before (starts over). I’ve used .htaccess to set my php upload limits and max execution time to a bunch of 9s, so that’s not it.

    Any ideas? I can do it manually through phpmyadmin or something if need be, I’m just not sure exactly where to put everything. Site is WP 3.1.3 and bbpress is 1.0.3

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)