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  • I think capability to ‘edit_others_favorites’ is kinda etching by itself, the more I can’t imagine what is this can be used for.

    the same goes to anonymous (hidded, i.e. without keymaster_name/timestamp) edit/delete/move _others_posts.

    all the same way it could be probably saved on:




    and so on, but this, I guess, wouldn’t allow to hook any custom filter?

    eh, sorry I was trying to say: “I’m not going to modify a production core” ;-)

    yay, now it works completely as a plugin without having to modify a template in several places! thank you.

    it’s interesting, I’ve tried to change echo output to:

    echo apply_filters('post_time', _bb_time_function_return( $time, $args ));

    but that gave me post time in the following format: 2007-07-19 00:00:00

    I would never get it myself that I should apply_filter() with a bogus (new, not used) tag (like ‘tpl_post_time’).

    topic_class() is called in the template just before topics list displayed (* is a typo).

    yes, I’m not giong to modify a core –> could possibly be a trouble on upgrade etc, I see.

    much better would be to submit a patch to post_time() ;-)

    > Probably better to say that not all functions have _hooks_ or _filters_, since pluggable refers to them being overwritable with another function (see bb-includes/pluggable.php). :)

    oh, yes right you are, thanks for pointing that out!

    so, evidently post_time() just doesn’t have a hook to callback our custom filter. I failed to modify it by the proper way.

    fel, could you please show me how it should be modified to have an apply_filter hook?


    couldn’t get the subtle difference between ‘filters’ and ‘actions’:

    > *Actions* Your plugin can respond to the event by executing a PHP function, which might do one or more of the following:

    Modify what is displayed in the browser screen (admin or end-user)

    > *Filters* are functions that WordPress passes data through, at certain points in execution, just before taking some action with the data (such as adding it to the database or sending it to the browser screen).

    which filter or action for instance could be added to the topic_class*() if any?

    > You have to change the template

    he-he that’s what I *had to* do initially. so, it appears not all the template_functions.php are ‘pluggable’.

    could the actual template be remade in such a way that most functions it uses everywhere (like post_time) to be pluggable (like the post_title), or it’s too late on the template level and core post_time() has to be modified to allow formatting filters to be applied?

    In reply to: plugin: Markdown

    > I don’t want to have to scroll through a wall of text looking for new paragraphs.

    Daring Fireball says:

    > Any decent text editor should make email-style quoting easy. For example, with BBEdit, you can make a selection and choose Increase Quote Level from the Text menu.

    ;-) anyway, that doesn’t seem to be a big issue as folks usually quote just 1-2 para to mantain a coherent (connected) dialog on web forums (like we do now ;-)

    basically, most used syntax is just as on http://programming.reddit.com/help/commenting and it works pretty well out there, although they have a threaded *nested* comments, which eases communications alots since there’s no need in usual for web-forums perverted form of addressing like “@username: …” etc.

    as I noted on misc web-boards its quite popular to use a JS to grab the quoted username. though, it doesn’t seem to me related to this kind of *text-formatting* plugins we’re discussing. as it is more like up to a higher-level of software — if it doesn’t have a “Reply” (to a particular post) function there’s nothing much can be done about it.

    your plugin is working just fine. I guess its syntax rules will be enough for the most folks. the only thing is just the same as with that ‘Markdown PHP’ — I think it would be logical to have deal only with its (markdownifed 8-) syntax _while editing a post_, not with HTML tags again — as it may produce some kind of schismo in non-savvy users minds ;-)

    once again, thanks for sharing!

    oh, implementing this as a plugin even cooler, thank you!

    is it possible modify it by a similar way just a little bit, so that “Topic Freshness” (topic_time() ?) would return a hyper-link to the topic_last_post_link()?

    In reply to: plugin: Markdown

    thanks a lot, fel!

    It’ll be interesting to see it. (“You have reached the download-limit for free-users. Wait 55 minutes” ;-)

    >> I’ll put in some syntax for blockquotes, even if having to put > in front of every line sounds tiresome.

    I guess ‘>’ in front of every _paragraph_.

    you can also see an endless related thread on [wp-hackers] Re: Blogroll, Bookmarks, Links?

    I’d say something like: “Add/[book]Mark/Save this topic as your watched thread/to the list of your watched threads”.

    OT: what are reasons/purpose of:

    'name' => __('Key Master'),
    'capabilities' => array(
    'edit_others_favorites' => true,

    is it ethical?

    +1 for wider (800px) template.

    also, default “Reply” input textarea is too small (get scrolled) and

    ‘background: url(images/bg.png) #ccc fixed center top;’ makes it somewhat slow.

    so far, wp.com forums layout by the Matt Thomas is the best layout of all bb forums I had a chance to see.

    nice addition would be to have a link to the “Latest Post” on the front page/forum posts index table — it’s a matter of just a couple of lines to be added to the front-page.php/forum.php — makes a big deal to quickly get on a last post of multi-page posts w/o having to redundantly load a 1st page of the thread.

    In reply to: plugin: Markdown

    wow, that’d be totally cool!

    at the first glance “TextControl” seems to be a rather complicated plugin by itself, though.

    I just thought if the “Markdown PHP” (which is quite small and relatively simple — hence less bugs and problems) can successfully work with WP, it should also work w/ bbPress…

    perhaps, I do miss something and it can’t without having to be redone heavily?


    oh, I get it (just download plugin itself) “TextControl” require_once(‘text-control/markdown.php’); — I thought authors did their own implementation of Markdown.

    In reply to: plugin: Markdown

    hello fel,

    some name suggestions:’bbMark’, ‘markMini’ etc and possible permutations ;-)

    italic, bold, blockquote and link is basically what I need.

    ck removed a lot of filters, I’ve tried remove them too — works better, but his plugin is for admin user level, isn’t it?

    I just can’t dig it: how do I encode HTML back to Markdown at ‘edit_text’?

    PS a bit of documentation on “bbPress text flow” (something like: http://www.michelf.com/img/blog/wordpress1.5-text-flow.png) wont hurt ;-)

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