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    I ended up using the custom php/sql.

    Much easier should have done that from the start, would have saved a ton of time too.

    Also, I will have to look into the performance… because I am using a 3rd party program that integrates into wordpress… then using bbpress to integrate into wordpress so all the users need to be created at the same time etc. If they log in one needs to login to all three.

    I am using the bbPress Integration plugin right now, which may or may not be working I didn’t set this part up.

    But thanks, the forum posts on the homepage is working perfectly now.

    In reply to: BBpress Live

    Thank you for your quick reply

    bbPress 1.0.2

    WordPress 2.9.2 (Plan on upgrading this soon but have another plugin not working with 3.0 yet)

    bbPress Live 0.1.2

    I downloaded bbpress live from:

    Thanks for that link as well (I am definitely going to look into that route), because I have been fighting with bbpress Live for a while now.

    I am wondering if its a issue with XML-RPC, but that doesn’t really make sense because I have other applications using the XML-RPC fine, and they are both turned on in the admin sections.

    Thanks again for your help

Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)