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    Hi, after upgrading to bbPress 0.75, we faced with this problem, too.

    The key master’s status had changed to administrator, and administrators’ custom titles had been reset.

    I’ve added the given code to config.php and applied bb-admin/install.php, and admin is again key master now. But in topics, key master’s link to his profile and his custom title cannot be shown now.



    Hi, this is very nice plugin.

    Will it show also the number of online visitors (not members) in the future versions?


    In reply to: Who is online

    Yes, there is a plugin for this purpose:


    It displays online users only, not visitors.

    Installing localization file can be done like that:

    1. Create a new directory named ‘languages’ in your ‘bb-includes’ folder.

    2. Place .mo file into ‘languages’ directory.

    3. Setup your config.php file

    (e.g if your .mo file’s name is es_AR.mo change define(‘BBLANG’, ”);

    value like this: define(‘BBLANG’, ‘es_AR’);


    Try changing values like that:

    $bb->domain = ‘http://localhost’;

    $bb->path = ‘/bbpress/’;

    Ok, thank you. But i couldn’t find any .pot files in “development release” pages.


    I’ve finished translating bbPress into Turkish from that given .po file. Thanks Falo. But, is this an official .po file?

    There are some problems, for example time items are not translatable, some missing strings and a problem in profile page.

    If I translate “Edit” into my language the link of edit page also changes; and we cannot edit the profile. And also, similar problem in “Favorites” string. If we translate “favorites” the link of favorites page changes as well.

    Finally, I’ve translated “Allowed tags: a em strong code ul ol li blockquote.
    Put code in between backticks.” string, but it does not affect on site.



Viewing 7 replies - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)