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  • nice. i’ll installed it later on. might show some good results.

    tht tutorial sure helped me.thanks _ck_. last time i check the speed for mysql is 0.005sec before installing eaccelerator. how about win server?any good?

    I’ve tried eaccelerator and xcache but it seems not compatible with my current debian setup. i have purge the installation back. i haven’t try APC yet. gonna try this in couple of hour. why use litespeed instead of apache?even other big site too dont use apache2. from what i’ve seen, apache2 have more function than apache1 and easy to use too..

    hi u all. sorry for the late reply. i’ve got it sorted. it’s because of my server cache level is not enough for handling newer version of server software. I recently bought a hp proliant server and all the issues been sorted. thanks for the reply. i’m thinking to develop a plugin for bbpress now since i’m happy with my server.. ;)

    Thanks but the quiries doesnt work. might be because of my theme. anyway, most of the paid server out there are much faster than the virtualhost. all other cms template like phpbb3 and mambo i’ve tried are slower than the previous version of them. i already max out my cache on the server but it’s still slow :( . sometime it’s crash after a week or so. dont have budget for the bladeserver though.haha

Viewing 5 replies - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)