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  • There is an excellent WordPress plugin that I use for one of my blogs that might be a good starting point for making your own plugin for bbPress if you can’t just outright convert it for bbPress.

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    I’ve tried using fel64’s method above but I’m not able to make it work at all, so I thought I would try something different. Since he mentioned using the $bb_roles->add_role() that already exists in I thought I could work with that. Bascially, I want to put my own additions and modified base roles (aside from admin and keymaster, obviously) into a plugin that replaces the existing roles function. I’ve sucessfuly done this via a dirty hack of the core file but I’d really love to migrate my changes to a plugin.

    Is it not possible to just do bascially a copy-paste of the bb_init_roles function from, rename it, make new roles and modify existing ones, then use something like add_filter('init_roles','my_bb_init_roles') to hook it to init_roles? Obviously I’m a complete noob to this since my attempts are completely failing and what I know is just scraped together from looking at other plugins and some limited reading on making WordPress plugins. Any assistance here would be greatly appreciated.

    Let me add that I’m doing all my testing/installing locally using Xampp. made me think that maybe I’m having the plugin issue because of this problem? Just a shot in the dark perhaps? I think I’ll try uploading the latest trunk to my website (run on a unix server) tonight and see if it’s different in that environment.

    I’ve tried doing four clean installs of rev1651 and in none of them have I been able to properly activate plugins. I’ve tried to enable everything from Akismet to mini-track to a simple plugin I made to allow more html tags. All the plugins I’m trying are the latest up to date and work on my rev1646 installation.

    Any plugin. None at all will work.

    I’m interested in this too. Mostly I’m interested because my current forum that I’m converting from (phpbb) allows you to preview your post, and that feature will be sorely missed. Bring able to save a draft of it would fit right along side a preview, pretty much just like the way WordPress allows authors to save/preview drafts. Now, I’m not a php person in any way (although I wish I was) but I can see it could easily work to make a plug-in or mod that would allow you the option to save your post draft for later with a different post status and pull it or all your saved/unpublished drafts into a single page by pulling them based on the status and your user id. From there you could edit those posts and “publish” them by saving and changing the status code to so that bbPress “sees” it as a valid post rather than a “deleted” or “saved draft”.

    I tinkered with this idea a little while ago but with my php knowledge limited to hacking peices here and there to suit my needs it’s just too much of a task. I can’t imagine it would be too complicated to implement. Let us know if this pans out Vili or anyone else who has an urge to work on something like this.

Viewing 6 replies - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)