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    Hi all,
    10 cents from a person having had to live with personal data protection for more than a decade. GDPR is just a rewamp of already existin EU legislation which has been implemented in most of the EU member states for years as part of their national legislation. For most people in EU this will not be a wild thing to implement.
    If you read the regulation, you will also find that it has different requirements for different sizes of organisations/companies.
    In EU you will find many sites having a “gate of acceptance” which has to be passed before going further.
    This is often supported by a online description of what is stored, how it is used, how long it is stored, what to do when data security is broken and who is the legal entity that handles the data. Further it is practice to include a link to the national authority for personal data protection.

    I am pleased to read that bbPress will look into GDPR at “core level”, as one of the intentions of personal data protection is privacy by design.
    The overall philosophy is that you own dat about yourself. You may deside if anyone can make a profit out of your personal data.

    I much agree with the views of Robin W. Data to identify a person, personal data and content – may be 3 things OR they may be less than three things.If content is a portrait, then it is personal data/ if it is a photo of a croud it is likely not to be. Here we have grey areas.

    Lee: Amazon may have to delete your profile; but they may keep the transactions in their ledger due to other legislation. Having recalled the permission to make use of your data, Amazon (or any other) may not make further use of (or sell) your personal data. The transaction data however is Amazons property, but the content may not be used for marketing purposes or to approach you in the future.
    Also – your personal opinion on EU legislation does not bring anything usefull to this thread.

    Casier: Please do not overdo it.
    – Think privacy by design.
    – Think that you are the owner of your personal data and that you may recall any permissions given at any time.
    Any web/bb/blog owner should think about logical and physical safety ofthe data he/she stores and the handling he/she may does.
    Remotely hosted web/bb/blog is another issue. this cannot be dealt with in “core” og any program.

Viewing 1 replies (of 1 total)