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  • Question? Why is my comment watermarked as Spam? I’m new here and have only posted maybe 4 time’s?

    I have already done this. Matter fact I went back in and changed all the key’s in my default template and then in my bbpress default template. Then I went into my bbpress admin and changed all keys once again.

    In reply to: Problems with theme

    Thank You ashfame. I have been reading alot on bbpress trying to get answer’s and it seems that there is not much information that has been volunteered on solving some of these minor problems. I use google in trying to find much of my information and I keep getting 2 main website’s. This one (bbpress.org) and bb showcase.org.

    I was reading on one thread were it stated not to upload any themes in the bbpress template file that I had downloaded and to make my own file path (my-templates). Well when I decided after a couple of days of problems to go ahead and upload file’s in the bbpress templates location the themes started working.

    I had also changed the css on the Kakumei to Kakumei-blue because I was trying to get a certain look, but them disturbed the css which then altered the template. Also I can not find a download link to either of the default template’s for some reason? If someone could help me this is the look I would like to have http://www.seanbluestone.com/forums/

    I love the simple and easy flow of this forum and that is not what either one of my default template’s looked like when I received them.

    Also on another note: Can anyone help me out with my forum logging me out of wordpress when I’m logging into bbpress? I have checked all of the wordpress Integration, cookies, and blog url’s and I even changed all of them in my default template and then in my bbpress default template as it was suggested on another site that had a tutorial.

    Hope this is not too much and it makes since.

    Thank You for the help.

    I having the same problem. Evrytime I log into one the other logs me out?

Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)