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    I want to hide page links in my main header navigation from non registered members, then have them show up after the user has logged in.

    I’m currently using custom menu manager and wp-members for plugins. The custom menu manager allows me to set which page links show up in the assigned navigation menu (ie: only “about” and “register” are shown on home page the other page links are hidden), but it doesn’t recognize whether the user is logged in or not and the hidden page links are not shown after you’ve logged in still. With wp-members plugin I have the “members” and “project” pages set to block access unless logged in, but this only effects the page access, the nav link for those pages were still showing up in the main navigation until I used the menu manager plugin which hid them totally not conditionally based on log in status which is what I want.

    Is there a php block of code to use or plugin you guys recommend that handles nav link access/visibilty based on log in status? I’m at total loss. Please help me. Visit my site mks76.com/wp/

Viewing 1 replies (of 1 total)