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  • @levifig: Well I forgot to add… yes me too lost the wp_user_level on my user id. But in the end, I can’t access BB admin though it shows me logged in.

    I can login it seems but the bb admin page wont open! I am using role managers plugin… is it to be blamed?

    I did as johnjamesj said (except that i left “secure auth” cookie salt as blank because I don’t see it anywhere) I am on wp 2.7rc1 and bb1.0a2. After installing, BB integrated and extracted the wp admin id to assign it the keymaster role. But I could not login in the newly created forum. On the WP side, I was stripped of my admin status and told that I don’t have the permissions.. bla bla. After initial panic, I edited wp_capabilities (under wp_usermeta). It was changed by BB to


    I changed it to


    and got back admin powers in wp much to my relief.

    But the problem remains, I can’t login to BB. Something is seriously wrong.

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)