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    Okay…. So in this example do you need to have the else statement there at all? (Does IF require it?) Or is there a way to just say else use what is default without haivng to find the correct class of whatever you are altering?



    Okay I found the code which is on this site actually.

    click here

    But the code mentioned:

    if (is_bbpress()) :
    div class=”abc”
    else :
    div class=”xyz”

    Still would not make sense to everyone. So I’m thinking the first part is the main part. After the colon you would change the div class to whatever you want change which would be some of the classes mentioned in this thread to another class that you create which simply just changes the font size.

    I’m thinking this way you would have to create your own classs for each thing you want to change in bbpress whether it was the reply text, the header text, or the content text. If I am off a bit or a lot just chime in. Hope it helps.



    I know it does cascade but if you are not familiar with writting the code to STYLE over attribiutes you can go looking for lines that alter font sizes. One way you could try is to get Notepad++. This text editer is just the greatest. Never edit code without it or something like it. You can use it to search for code. In this case I would try to search for “font-size:” within the CSS file being referred to in this thread. It will find every line where the font-size is being changed.

    Trying it now it finds 28 hits in the bbpress.css file I have in one of my sites. This I think will get you started. May not be the best way though. Just looking at the hits I can see some of the IDs or Classes also have a SPAN tag in them. Whichs tell me that the default span font settings would also have to be changed.

    I’m not sure where your HTML knowledge is but the SPAN tag when used is like a commenting or caption section (sort of) for text and it tends to be in a smaller font.

    for example:

    While jumping around the hits I see this:

    li.bbp-header div.bbp-topic-content span#subscription-toggle,
    li.bbp-header div.bbp-topic-content span#favorite-toggle,
    li.bbp-header div.bbp-reply-content span#subscription-toggle,
    li.bbp-header div.bbp-reply-content span#favorite-toggle {
    float: right;

    You may be able to get the look you want by just changing any


    entry you find but if things or some things still look too small for you then that span tag may be what you need to change to get it the way you want.

    Now I’m still just maybe a intermediate in my kowledge of things. I know what I was taught by learning myself and having taken Wed Design and Development I and II at a local college. But I am no developer. So I can read through css and understand what is going on. But because of the cascading way of CSS you can make changes that will not stick due to a higher level attribute being set so you have to play detective which wastes alot of time.

    I do agree though as the responses are too vague. Looking for the same answer I find this thread and so I am sharing what I have done so far to figure this one out. I did find something that mentions being able to use an IF statement on the themes main style sheet (CSS file) that will find all bbpress related entries and change whatever attribute you designate which in this case would be the font size. Now someone mentioned this in this thread without stating how which is close to pointless if the intention is to help you solve it. At least when you make the suggestion state it in a simple way so its understood by all. I ran into this code during my research on it but I am currently here. I will copy paste the code if I can find it again. By now I assume you found the answer but for anyone else that runs into this thread. (which by the way showed up on top of a google search in like its own special section).

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)