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  • it’s pretty simple… go here: and see at the left panel, the number of topics… if the official website can handle thousands of threads, your site will… 🙂


    it only depend on your hosting capabilities… if you have a very large database capability – check your support service for that – you have no problem…

    would be just good to have the RC on the distro instead of the older Beta3, as people would see what was done really, not just the bugged version… would it be possible to update the distro ?!

    btw, my own question would be against the template styles of the forum. when using the 20-11 theme, when we browse thru the forum, the main level has one style, and the sub-pages has different styles… making it unconfortable for the visitor… i would personally add a setting when using a 3.2 theme to have a setting in the forum configuration to choose what structure to use, sidebar or not, page or single display, etc… because i would use the “page with sidebar” configuration for most of my clients … you see the point?

    btw, 20-11 for the final version please ?! :)

    oh, btw, great job, the forum is just great… i donated in the last years and will continue to do so for each of my clients that use your product… :)

Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)