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  • Hi Jenna (Miniflowers), congratulations :-) But my troubles with bbPress seem to be different: I never used Vbulletin or BuddyPress. As will_c wrote: the error occurs by changing the visibility.

    I am experiencing exactly the same problem. I’ve set up wordpress (3.3.2 de) one or two weeks ago, bbpress last sunday. But I’ve nothing migrated.

    In the role of a webmaster I can view and edit everything in the forum. During the first tests I changed the visibility to private and back. As a contributor I can only post a new entry. But I can’t even view my own posts. This was on the first day. I deactivated bbpress.

    Today I reactivated bbpress. Forums and posts seemed to have gone. I set up a new forum and moved the old posts (topics) to it. With/without allowing anonymus posting everything worked fine for the contributor’s role.

    But after setting the visibility to “private” (later to “hidden”) and than back to “public” the same error occurs: contributors can see the forum from the outside but none of the topics/posts.

    Anonymous posting is not allowed, visibility is public

    We need to have an internal forum for the contributors to discuss our articles before publishing them.

    Who can help? Thanks in advance


Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)