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  • Thanks John!

    You´re right, that´s pretty deep in the core. Though from a SEO perspective it´s also a nightmare to start a project with URLs you have to rewrite later ;) – Let me know if I can contribute in this special case, the project itsels made huge steps forward – thanks for your work.


    I´m running a wordpress/buddypess/bbpress combination and I also need to change the permalink structure, in a bit different way then eleram – I´m looking for a more logic structure in all forums:

    -> replace slug “forum” by name of forum

    -> replace “topic” by name of topic

    I can customize the code, but I´m not sure where to look on.

    @John: “WordPress handles the rewrite rules for bbPress’s content types” -> where do I have to look for (bbpress´ custom post types) to adjust the permalink logic?

    Of course I will share my customization as soon a sfinished.


Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)