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  • Super! Thanks!

    I’ve now submitted this on trac. Here’s the ticket:


    Thanks for following up on this. I tagged it a while back hoping a dev might see it, but I’m not sure they noticed. I’m having trouble finding instructions for submitting a patch, otherwise I’d do it myself.

    Can any devs confirm this issue?


    Hi capitolweb,

    Maybe a little more info can help us root this out.

    Are you able to reach the admin section by entering the URL manually? That is,

    Also, I’m not sure if your theme supports this, but some themes show “edit” buttons on posts once an admin is logged in. Are you seeing anything like this, or do you think the authentication process is actually failing?

    Hey folks,

    I was struggling with this for a while, and I think I found a bug in bbp-common-template.php

    Here’s the original, plus an echo I put in to dump the value. It returned the blog url no matter what else I did with filters beforehand:

    function bbp_redirect_to_field( $redirect_to = ” ) {

    // Rejig the $redirect_to

    if ( !isset( $_SERVER ) || ( !$redirect_to = home_url($_SERVER ) ) )

    $redirect_to = wp_get_referer();

    echo $redirect_to;


    Should this be an OR statement? (||) I found that changing it so and (&&) seems to make it function as intended.

    Also, is this supposed to be an assignment here (!$redirect_to=), or should it be a comparison (==). Changing that that to !$redirect_to== ALSO made it function as intended. One way or another, this line is the culprit.

    Hey @WhiteRau – here’s what I’ve found on the subject so far.

    According to this:

    It should be completely possible to make bbPress load first using the priority value in the add_action() call. So if you can figure out which function(s) you want to be sure load first, you can enter a low value (lower than 10) and it should work. I don’t have time to test it now, but if you’re curious, I doubt it could hurt anything to give it a try.

    Good luck!


    In reply to: User Profile Bug?

    If you’re impatient (like me) you can actually fix this with a really easy edit to bbp-common-template.php

    This ticket from trac shows you what to do:

    Core edits are generally not a great idea, but since this exact fix looks to be in the pipeline for a future release, seems like an OK thing to do.

    Hey folks. Got back up and running again. It is a load order issue. WP was attempting to load my theme files before it loaded the bbp core files. Since the class BBP_Theme_Compat is referenced in core, this makes wordpress asplode.

    I disabled the theme via FTP to get access to WP admin, then disabled bbpress. Then re-enabled bbpress and lastly re-enabled the theme. Seems to have solved it for now. If I had better WP/php chops I’d know how to write some code that ensures BBP core always loads before any themes. But I don’t. Maybe that can go on the list for next release?

    Have a good one.

    A little more info:

    The error is happening in the functions.php file of the custom theme, which is copied from the included TwentyTen theme.

    I can get my site back by deleting my bbpress child theme. Re-adding the theme re-introduces the fatal error.

    I’ve verified that BBP_Theme_Compat exists in bbp-core-compatibility.php. It looks like a load-order problem to me — like functions.php is trying to extend BBP_Theme_Compat before the class has been created in bbp-core-compatibility.php. Could that be the issue? If so, how does one fix that?

    I can confirm that this is an issue.

    However, gourou’s fix did not work for me. Site still trashed.

    Any ideas???

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