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  • Well I’m sorry john for any inconvenience.

    And yes, here is the community support for BuddyPress, you can find anything about BuddyPress here:

    @folgerj Here people discuss bbpress plugin but the reason I brought this here was because there is an integration between these two plugins. It means you install BuddyPress, after that you install bbpress in it’s all working out. Whatever you do in bbpress it shows up on your buddypress activity stream.(In both latest version).

    But I saw for some people like me it’s not working and there is no solution for fix this.

    That’s why I came here to ask people in bbpress, I’m doing the same thing in BuddyPress community to find something to solve this problem or at least understand the problem.

    Hi folgerj

    Activity Stream is a feature that you can have when you install another plugin named BuddyPress. It gives you the community features which one of them is activity stream. Whatever you do or other members do will show up in activity section.

    Check this out:

    Best example of what an activity stream does.

    Hey man

    Thanks for reply,

    I just did what you said. Install a clean WP and after that I installed BP from plugin directory. I tested the activity stream, it worked. I install bbpress plugin and the activity stream still not working.

    If I do this in WPMU, it’s a same situation but the other blogs(site) if they use bbpress it show on activity stream in the main website.

    I’ve done this in varity of environment. Like I said, Ubuntu+XAMPP, Ubuntu+LAMP, Windows+WAMP and MAC OS X + MAMP.

    Same here! I’ve been trying to see something from bbpress(sitewide) on my activity stream for 2 weeks! still not working. however if you set up a discussion group and create topic for each group it goes up to your activity stream like always.

    Here is my situation though:

    but I found something interesting. I have wpmu and if one of my user create a blog(site) and of course it has bbpress enable and he/she can create new forum/topic/reply it’s gonna show up on his/her activity stream right on time!

    funny, i tried this. it’s working with all new blogs except the one that has the buddypress up and running. even someone mentioned you in one of these blogs it’s gonna be on your activity stream.

    Still waiting and trying hard to get this worked.

    The problem is not about the updating and how should I update the BP. Right now I have a clean WordPress install without any plugins and I just add these two plugins from the plugin directory and do the instruction. But still, there is no activity stream. I’m wondering how it works at the first place for me.

    John could you please tell me with clean install and without updating what would be the reason to having this problem?


    Thanks John for reply,

    Yesterday I saw there is an available update for both bbpress and Buddypress. I updated both of them and still can’t see anything in my activity stream.

    The wiret part is, I’ve done 10 clean installations with both single and multisite wordpress since yesterday. In Windows and Linux. Everything is working except activity stream still not showing from bbpress.

    With new BP1.5 that released yesterday there is no doubt in order to installing these to plugins. First BP and after that we should instal bbpress from the BP settings.

    Am I right? No changes any where? any tricks?

    Hi guys,

    At the first time I installed WPMU+BP 1.5-beta-3+latest bbpress from plugin directory. It’s working perfect on my latest WAMP on Win7. I have both group discussion(built-in bbpress on BP) and the bbpress Forum which you can handle it from Admin panel. Fully integrated with BP1.5-bera-3 Activity Stream. Whatever you do is going to be on your Activity Stream right on time. Even if you mention someone in forum is going to be OK too.

    Funny thing is I can’t do the same thing anymore! I tried to do that on Ubuntu server 11.04 with latest XAMPP+ Mac OS X Server 10.6.8 with latest XAMPP. Second one(Mac OS X) is not possible because released XAMPP it’s not up to date enough(PHP still old version and not working for BP-beta-3 or for any other reseaons).

    On Ubuntu(or Debian, CentOS), everything is working perfect except Activity Stream and mention thing. Even now I’ve been trying to do the same thing with another installation on WAMP on Windows, it’s not working. I’ve done it 100 times with different strategies. Old or new, I did all of them. Even I check Server time and time zone in WP settings. Still not working.

    I almost forgot what I did at the first time! As far as I know based on comparing with the first one which is working well, what ever I create in bbpress it’s not gonna insert in any of wp_bb_ tables.

    I’ve done every clean installation on three different OS(Win, Ubuntu, Mac OS X) with latest release WAMP, LAMP, and XAMPP.

    Please give me a something, anything.


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