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    Sincere apologies for the delays Stephen – tried the fix above – moment it starts the concersion it says

    No topics to convert
    No forum parents to convert
    No forums to convert
    Starting Conversion

    so looks like it wont import the forums i can pm you or email you access to the DB if u wish?



    @netweb, Hi Stephen – Thank you for assisting… OK to answer the 3 questions

    1. Yes have many many entries in wp posts and post meta (image 1 is imported into bb)
    2. I attach images to show, (image 1 is imported into bb) Rest of images are from the mdb import after it has been imported into MySQL – i have the SQL dump file if u need it
    3. Post Parents are all 0 !!!!!!!!!! yet if i look in the original imported DB in mySQL (see images) all post parents, forum ids, etc are present…. Seems it fails to “convert” that data when it does the script import. I also notice that only replies imported, no forums were created or topics….. yet the data eg topics and forums do exist see images below in mySQL after initial MDB import

    Imported data in MySQL before running script import into bb. To show you that links exist to topics/categories and forums.

Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)