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  • I am very interested in that ‘bbpress.php’ file, having the same issues as “elmalak”; once I go into the forum pages, or topics, everything gets lost, for example, I used a specific page template for the forum page I created with the short code, but once I go into the topics or so, it reverts back to the regular page template.

    What do I put in the bbpress.php file to make it a “wrapper”?


    Sounds great. Is using shortcodes hard to control if the forum grows or is there a list of how many “main” pages and different shortcodes I would need? I guess this is a much more tedious way of doing it and changing the theme code would be best?

    I will look for that thread…

    You think I shouldn’t download that “bbPress attachments” plugin though?

    Thanks again! You are most helpful :)

    Thank you for your rapid reply anointed, I contacted Orman’s support, we’ll see what they say.

    Since I am new to bbPress, at your first glance of my above forum link… does it look like I got the installation and functions working, just having a problem with the width template (code)?

    I tested how it would look by adding this short code [bbp-forum-index] into a regular “page” (not forum) and setting it to use full width template and I got that page to look like it should; (just not functioning) Look better though, hope they can help me fix the code.

    Also, will the “bbPress attachments” plugin work well with the bbPress 2.0 plugin?

    Thanks again!

    Hello, I am having similar issues, I can’t get bbPress to work well with my custom WP theme (self-hosted wp site).

    I installed the bbPress 2.0 plugin and have so far only created one test forum and no topics yet but I am already so frustrated about the way it shows up, it’s definitely missing padding and the window should be full width like this;

    I love my theme and don’t want to change that just to get bbPress to work, how do I integrate the bbPress forum into my WP site? Are there certain files I need to modify? Style sheets? Move items around in the folders?

    Perhaps I need to somehow create a childs theme?

    Or should I put the forum on a WPMU?

    Or in a different directory on my main domain hosting with a separate WP install?

    Any help with this is HIGHLY appreciated!

    Thank you!

Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)