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    I’ve been tryin them out on my test site, but I get the same cookie problems. Just wait it out until they’re final. mu2.7 is kinda buggy right now.

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    It takes care of the problem of bbpress users from MU being set as Inactive. It’ll make them a member instead.

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    I disabled registration in bbpress. All users are created when they signup for a blog.

    And to fix the other issue with member roles not being set: Drop this in the mu-plugins folder with a .php extension.

    function wpmu_bbpress_roles( $user_id )  {
    update_usermeta($user_id, 'bb_capabilities', array('member' => true));
    add_action('wpmu_new_user', 'wpmu_bbpress_roles');

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    Use the address of blogid 1 (the main blog).

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    I count the number of blogs and the number of the posts using two queries. All posts from all the other blogs are copied to blog_id 1. So i do like so

    $count_posts = wp_count_posts();
    echo $count_posts->publish;


    $stats = get_sitestats();
    $tmp_blog_count = number_format ($stats[ 'blogs' ] );
    print "".$tmp_blog_count." blogs";

    Can bbpress grab those ?

    yeah mu2.6.3 and 1.0.2a here too.

    Thank you very much, Deadpan.

    I’m integrated with cookies now ..but

    When I click the Admin link in bbpress it just reloads the page. It doesn’t take me to the admin area.

    Edit: Seems to be happening both ways. If i log into WPMU first and go the bbpress, the admin link just reloads the page. If login to bbpress first, the admin link works but I’m forced to login again if I try to access wp-admin

Viewing 7 replies - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)