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  • So wait, does this mean BBpress is dropping support for PHP-4? Because WordPress is working just fine…. I’m also downgrading. Would have loved to see some kind of warning/note on the download file page that requirements have changed (if they have).

    The problem I’m having is that I’ve had is that my blog is 4 years old but I only started adding tags less than a year ago and bbpress install is only a few months old. So I’m adding new tags to old posts (because I’m a borderline obsessive compulsive organizer) and they’re becoming the top posts on bbpress even though they’re years old. I’m almost done, but it’s still crazy. If I were smart and had realized what was going to happen I’d’ve finished my tagging and then installed bbpress. But I’m not ;)

    Anyway, thanks for the tips and the info :)

    By that definition, the categories and tags would also be matching/transparent and the back-end UI (where visible) would match. Editing a wordpress post that didn’t exist on the bbpress side would still create a post on bbpress, but it’d date it for when the wordpress post was created, not when the edit took place. They’d use identical login pages and registration pages out of the box instead of forcing me to spend hours hacking together a template, or better yet would find a way to leverage the templates (especially the CSS tags) so that the UI would look closer to transparent, and the “comments count” on the wordpress side would work.

    So like said, dual log-in is the least of my integration problems.

    I’m still learning PHP but plan to at some point down the road dip in to the dev side to try to help, so these aren’t criticisms so much as “kirabug’s someday to-do list”.

    Oh, OK, yeah, that makes sense. I am using BBPress and I’ve got it set up so that my two installs share the same user table, so I’ve got the same users and the same posts on both sides of the wall. As far as I was thinking, that *is* integration.

    If users have to log in and “remember me” on both sides, well, that’s the least of my problems. ;)

    Let me repeat and clarify – it’s IMPOSSIBLE to integrate bbPress 0.9.x with WordPress 2.6 – the cookie methods are now completely different. You must use 2.5.1

    I was running BBPress when I upgraded to WordPress 2.6, and, well, it’s still working. I post to WordPress, it appears on BBPress no problem. I post a comment on BBPress and it appears on WordPress no problem.

    So is the problem that it’s impossible to integrate a NEW installation? Or is there some other sort of background mess going on that I don’t know about that’s making my installation insecure or something? My site’s here and there’s a link to the bbpress install in the top right corner if you want to check it out.

Viewing 5 replies - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)