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    Thanks for responding. I thought I followed every step. Let me clarify since I messed up my earlier clarification.

    I initially copied the default theme put it in the same plugin directory and renamed it to bbp-empt. I included the function code in my main theme “Cost” directory function.php file. After some fooling around I realized nothing was working so I came here and followed every step in this thread instead of half-assin it like it did before.

    I would prefer not to use a child theme since I’m the Author of the “Cost” named theme I’m using. I guess I don’t quite understand how I get bbpress to use bbp-empt when it’s sitting in my Cost directory. Is there a instruction manual that describes that process?

    Or is it a simple function name change or is there a place in the WP admin area I missed which allows you to chose the which template bbpress uses?



    I’m having an issue and not understanding how to fix it is driving me bonkers. I’ve followed the steps above but let me explain how I did it.

    Once the plugin was installed I copied the bbp-twentyten folder from the plugin directory;


    and put it into my main themes directory and renamed it to bbp-empt.


    I opened the bbp-empt style.css and changed the Template name to;

    Template: cost

    and added an import for the css.

    I have every file in the “bbp-empt” folder than was in the original “bbp-twentyten” folder plus files like archive.php, page.php and single.php from my “cost” folder.

    I’m confused as to how I get the forums to use the template files in “bbp-empt” and not the files in the “cost” main directory. Which is what is happening right now.

    Small update

    After some experimenting I changed the bbp-empt folder style.css in the plugins folder to say cost in the template name and changed other details. Noticed the change in the Appearance menu so I clicked to activate the template and now I’m using a child theme of my main theme with the bbpress using the bbp-empt files.

    So now I’m honestly just confused, if this works whats the point of moving it to your main themes directory?

Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)