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  • Odd bug with P2 and bbPress (in theme compatibility mode). Create a page to serve as the homepage and a page to serve as the blog page. Enable bbPress and create some forums, topics, and replies. Modify your settings to use your homepage as the static page and your blog page as the blog page. Visit the homepage and make sure the title is correct. Now add the bbPress Reply List widget to the sidebar and visit the homepage and note the title is one of the forums and not the title of your homepage post. You get the same behavior if you add the Topic List widget. Not sure what the issue is. I’ll also submit a ticket here but it could be an issue with P2.

    Also, is there an easy way from within a theme (say in functions.php or via style.css) to change the default size of gravatars in the topic reply dialog? I’m assuming it would require a function as bbPress is setting it via a function, from what I was able to glean peeking at the bbPress code. Thanks.

    Does [bbp-forum-index] take a parameter or is there a variation of this shortcode that displays all forums and not just the root ones?

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)