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    Hi !
    hepdoll said (some times ago) that she couldn’t find page-front-forums.php file.
    I like bbPress, also Markdown Editor I’m using (WP plugin named : “WP-Markdown”, produced by Stephen Harris, as I saw there…). BUT I have problems with both bbPress and Markdown.

    It’s too chaotic there, hard to customize…
    (.. Now I’m writing here … Brrr, how ugly it is, and how slow the writing is)

    WELL, I give the path @hepdoll .. and others, and there one can modify.
    Suppose the WP blog is installed in folder BLOG and the “theme folder” (as it is written above in a comment) is named TH. Well, TH is useless here. So, the path :
    ../BLOG/wp-content/plugins/bbpress/templates/default/extras/ and here are those files…

    (Concerning Markdown, it’s SOOOOO difficult to modify. I’m “jealous” on those from SO = StackOverflow, who managed so well with their Markdown … and their Instant Preview show also Math formulas written in Latex (using MathJax), also instantly…)

Viewing 1 replies (of 1 total)