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    I finally got bbPress installed and discovered that the answer to my question is, “NO!”

    bbPress came up fine.

    I did attempt to do a bit of hacking. I duplicated my theme from my wordpress blog and copied into my templates folder, hoping it would take. Though the theme came up in my Admin menu, the forum hair-balled all over the place when I tried to activate and use it!

    Apparently, you need extra files in the theme folder than what is used in wordpress themes.


    Anyone have any instructions on converting a wp theme into a bbPress template?




    Land Sakes! I get one problem fixed and it still gives grief.

    I did as you said, and you were right. It wasn’t my username and password as much as it was the name of the MySQL database, which is ‘wordpress’.

    I entered the name of the database, username, and password. It now responds, “Great, saved bb-config.php. Let’s go to Step 2.”

    Then I try to move onto Step 2 and it says, “You are missing bb-config.php. This means you are setting things up for the first time.”

    The result? It loops me back to where I was!

    … long delay… John has a brainstorm….

    I figured out what to do!

    I basically lied to it, and said the config file was generated properly. Actually, I snagged the bb-config-sample.php, changed the parameters in there (database name, username, password), and saved it as bb-config.php.

    The little bugger is now behaving properly!

    Bah! If I survive this, I am going to be a monster guru! :)

    Thanks ashfame for your help! Your advice is priceless.

Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)